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Terms & Conditions

On acceptance of a devis, I would like that the client to sign and date the devis after to bon pour accord and return.

I will require a deposit for materials at the start of the work and two further payments, payment dates will be agreed with the client, labour only payments to be agreed.

Should the client supply materials, it is the sole responsibility of the client.


Building Permissions

Unless previously agreed, all paperwork permits permissions for internal/external new or renovation works, will be dealt with by the client or their architect/maitre d'oeuvre.



Time Frames

In most circumstances I will carry out the works to an agreed time scale, but due to weather conditions/material delays, anything beyond my control, I will liase with the client.




If for an unforeseen circumstance the client wishes to cancel the devis or prolong the commencement date please contact at your earliest convenience as once material is ordered it is difficult to un-order it and the client will be liable for the total payment of materials.




in Brittany, with the vast differences in humidity I will always try to source the best material, but please be aware that timber, being a natural product can expand and contract, and I cannot guarantee against this.






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